Sunday, 19 July 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince **

Do you remember that feeling of coming out of the cinema after seeing a Harry Potter film, it being right near Christmas and all you felt was excitement for the festive season? Well, that's completely lost in this film. It was clearly meant to be released during the winter season. It's quite dark, looks cold and there are Christmas scenes. It's a shame because when you're watching it now, it just makes you chilly. I guess you'll return to that feeling when the DVD is released near Christmas. That's just one thing wrong with it.

Another factor that makes this film slightly disappointing is the fast that nothing happens. Apart from one main character dying (which isn't exactly heartbreaking), it's all based around little witty remarks, or plot line developments that are preparing us for the final novel, split into two films. The relationship building in this isn't subtle at all, and you can clearly guess how the last film is going to end due to this. However, it is fun to see these adolescent characters going into the 'interested in girls' stage. It's nice to have a bit of romance in this quirky little magician film.

And we are reunited with our favourite people like Luna Lovegood, or Hagrid. It's all the attention to detail in their personalities that makes Harry Potter especially good, as well as the mise-en-scene being brilliantly creative. There is a London scene which is particularly enjoyable - It almost had a Michael Bay effect with all the destruction! Just think of his destroying mind and a few magic spells. You result with a relatively short scene that's quite fun and memorable to watch.

Ron Weasley remains his endearing self, with Hermione Granger keeping her smart little brain intact. It's so fun to see how all of these characters have developed through the 6 films produced. They've become stronger as the series has gone on, and this is quite evident in the film now. They know how to work on the traits that people love just to keep them satisfied.

I would suggest watching the previous film before entering the cinema to watch The Half Blood Prince. It's been so long since we've seen a Harry Potter film that you just need to be refreshed with what's going on, because it literally just carries on from the last scene in the previous film.

This was nowhere near as exciting as the films before, it's just giving us an indication of what's to come. Although some of the indication is quite obvious, (especially if you're good at guessing the narrative of a film) it definitely does keep you wanting more of Harry. Don't expect to be too astounded by this because it's nothing special. It's just a link to the final two movies. I would say it's good for all audiences. There are a couple of bits that might make you scared, if you are particularly prone to that, but overall it's a good family film if you've like Potter and his magic ways all this time.

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