Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Film Obsession is changing...

I know, I don't usually like change either, but this time its for the good, trust me!

If you're a keen reader of this blog, or just keep up to date with the things I do through the various social networking sites, you probably would have noticed I've slowed down on the reviews and features. This isn't because I've grown to dislike it intently, it's because I'm a 3rd year student, soon to be an unemployed graduate.

To anyone that's been to university, or to anyone with an imagination, you'll understand what its like to juggle university work, a part-time job, the desperate attempts at trying to find work experience, and not forgetting the social life you somehow have to create. This is exactly what I'm experiencing at the moment.

I naively thought I'd be able to jump into 3rd year no problem and settle back in fine. The truth is, the gear's changed and I'm not fond of it. The workload is incredibly intense, and the expectations are high. In order to even try and get close to what is needed, I had to cut a few things off the list, and one of those things (regrettably) was adding to this blog. I tried writing as much as I could, but I found my writing lost its edge a bit. I started to feel that I had to write rather than a wanting to write.

This is why my blogs have been very infrequent, even though I promised to do more, and even start those vlogs again - Yeah, that's not going to happen. It turns out I'm too cringe stricken to even face watching my old ones, let alone start doing more.

So, with all this in mind, I'm going to change what The Film Obsession is. Rather than just a way of advertising my articles to readers of the Internet, I'm going to turn it into a more personal blog. I'll write about weird encounters I have, exciting things to happen to me, and generally talk about things that intrigue me. Of course I'll still write reviews and features on film, because that is what I love. But I'm hoping this new sense of personalisation will help with finding my writing style again.Too many times I've written formal essays that my creative writing has started to feel too formal. And formality is the last thing I want... Which probably isn't the best, come to think.


"The Film Obsession... And my weird and wonderful life" starts here.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! (Go onto Google's homepage).

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