Friday, 11 February 2011

Paul [Review]

This is Simon Pegg and Nick Frost with a little guy called Paul (Voiced by Seth Rogen), an alien in trouble who just wants to go home. This isn't your E.T. story however. This is a tale involving drugs, a Christian who likes to swear and some very poor policemen. You'reprobably wondering whether it works without Edgar Wright directing it with his comic charm. Well, it does, extremely well, making the film a very successful sci-fi comedy with added little lines and props to make any fan of this out of the world genre pee their pants.

We'll start with the alien, because that's what everyone wants to know about. He's rude, in your face and isn't shy about himself. Stumbling across the space loving couple on a dust road, Paul joins Pegg and Frost on an adventure of a lifetime. You could say this is a crazy twist of a road movie, watching them travel through the various parts of America to find his iconic way home. You can also call it a buddy movie, because this alien likes to drink, smoke weed and pretty much do anything an Englishman on holiday in Benidorm would do. With this he has Seth Rogen's comedy input making him that little bit more awesome. 

The way he's put into the film is pretty much perfect. There are a few hiccups with eye-line matching, and it does become apparently that he's not actually there while some actors do a take of the scene, but this doesn't matter. You're so caught up in the fact that this alien is an original type of character in film that any mistakes are soon to be forgotten with your laughs filling the space. 

The direction by Greg Mottola (Adventureland, Superbad) to make him almost casual as part of the film means Paul is just brilliant. The activities he partakes in and the way in which he just strolls along shouldn't be taken for granted. He's a very human alien, if that makes sense...The team creating Paul used facial expression from Rogen, as well as top editing skills to make him one of the favourite sci-fi creatures to hit cinema in recent years.

As for the enjoyable twosome Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, they are everything you'd expect them to be. With their loveable friendship, this movie takes you on a journey with them making these seemingly ordinary guys just as fun and silly as they've always been. A formula has been found with these two, and it works wonders on screen.

The real appreciation has to go to Kristen Wigg. She's just brilliant at playing outrageously kooky roles which leave you breathless from laughter. She seriously deserves as much attention as possible, because it's not often you see a woman playing a comical role effortlessly. Naturally she's great on screen and can sync into what seems to be any surrounding and make it work for her. Once again, she's done it. 

Jason Bateman and Sigourney Weaver bring take this film from minor to major with their appearances. They take the piss out of themselves and love every moment of it. Joe Lo Truglio and, of course, Bill Hader are absolute gems for their roles as the not so good authority. These teams of characters all just make for one stupidly fun watch. 

Really pay attention to the mise-en-scene and dialogue. A lot of creativity and natural flows of references have been placed into this film to really cater to the fans that Paul is going to attract. I don't want to spoil it for you but 'Alien bitch fight' is all I have to say. Because of an idea that's been floating about for several years, you have to go and watch this. You won't regret it. But if you do, you have no soul.

4 Stars

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  1. Ha that video was ace.
    Nice review, sounds good, I was curious how Pegg and Frost would work with a different director but it sounds like a pretty entertaining film. Keep up the good work!