Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows [Review]

Director: David Yates

Writers: Steve Kloves, J.K. Rowling

Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Bill Nighy, Helena Bonham Carter

British wizardry just upped it's game again; the first saga of the final instalment of this prestigious story is finally with us with a great impact. The actors have found themselves in their roles, the action and special effects are darker and increasingly more exciting; Plus, we've even got some old friends back. Although long, the time passes quickly catching you off guard with quick moments of intensity through the narrative. 

David Yates (Director of Half-Blood Prince and Order of the Phoenix) has really pulled everything out that he could. There's some interesting detail to his cinematography that really makes your eyes bulge. Particularly with the editing, the attention of effects for the magic makes the film seem more mysterious. Something I thought was lacking in the previous two was the wizard theme running throughout. But here we see these mature young adults use their powers in a much more knowing way, giving them more of an appeal to an older audience. Added with this, the way he has choreographed the film to flow and pause in certain parts and speed up in others brings with it a real sense of a movie-going experience. It flows brilliantly and stops leaving you wanting more - Which is handy because the story hasn't finished being told as it cuts half way through.

The books were something that skipped my life somehow, but as a film goes, this is probably the best (besides the first, because I'm one of those ones who always has a soft spot for the first) one yet to come. You know the characters and the story leaving you to sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Daniel Radcliffe (Harry) is actually believable as his character. Before I found his performances a bit stiff, but now he's the man and accepting his responsibility as a world known wizard. Emma Watson (Hermione) is just as beautiful as ever, and Rupert Grint (Ron) still remains the cheeky one, but a little more masculine now. It's just wonderfully British. Their accents, the location and their attitudes will all live up to what audiences around the globe want to see, and what England loves to witness - A film close to their hearts that they can be proud of. 

Helena Bonham Carter stands out in her role this time. We haven't got as much appearance from the dark side as you'd expect, but a funny feeling in my guts tells me that their team of nut jobs will be haunting our dreams in the next one - Probably from the film ending on Voldemore and not the three main characters. It wasn't a satisfying end, but one of anxiousness.

[Spoiler Start] What kind of sick, messed up fairytale would ever kill an Elf, especially Dobby?! That did make me genuinely sad. I then told myself that this character was made from imagination and a computer so I soon pulled myself together. [Spoiler End] But that's what Harry Potter is great for - creating characters that would never even be in your dreams, and giving them this sense of life where you can connect with them in an enchanting  setting. 

I went into the cinema with a low expectation and came out pleasantly surprised. A perfect winter film (If you've managed to stick with it for the past 10 years). 


Here's a fun little parody you can enjoy, based on the song "Like a G6" we have "Likes it's Quidditch:


  1. I really enjoyed it and I'm pretty sure, the next movie is going to be so awesome. Can't wait for it!!!

  2. I am slightly obsessed with the entire wizarding world, so I would agree that the film is completely wonderful! I've seen it three times in the theater so far...

    As for the death of Dobby, I think that along with the tragic death of Hedwig (the owl), just goes to show how dangerous the world has become and how anything could happen to anyone!

    I would also add that Alan Rickman did an amazing job with his performance as Snape (which I mention in my blog's review). The other actors have grown in their abilities and I was pleased by all of their performances. I think the last one will be "made of amazing".

  3. Thinking of seeing this film from long time but didn't get any time due to my hectic schedule..Planning of watching it in coming weekend and this time surely go for it.