Monday, 22 March 2010

I Love You Phillip Morris ***

Jim Carrey playing a gay man along side Ewan McGregor... Pretty much a match made in heaven in terms of acting ability, but it just doesn't live up to that punch of entertainment you would expect to gain from this film.

It's a true story based on Steven Russell (Carrey), a gay man who lives his life by conning various people to gain as much money as possible. But once in prison, he comes across Phillip Morris (McGregor), a gentle and passionate man who he falls madly in love with. Now, this film is meant to be a twist on the Rom-Com which it is to an extent. It just could have played up to the conventions a little more.

It's not as funny as it makes out to be in the trailers. Jim Carrey is showing a little more of a serious side to his role in this film, and proves he can actually pull off any character he is given. But within a Rom-Com there is meant to be comedy which it just lacks. Maybe because this film can become a little uncomfortable at times because it's quite hard to relate to the characters. You're not really sure whether you're meant to like Steven or hate him. With Phillip playing this incredibly nice character as well, you almost think at the back of your mind the whole time 'YOU CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER!'

It is fun to watch though. The gay theme is pretty much exaggerated as much as it can be here. If you picture men in tight tops, fashion obsessed with grooming themselves as their main issue then you've got these two characters sorted. The stereotypes are at points a little shocking (the sex scenes being the main shock factor) but I guess they are meant to be amusing. However, they don't make you laugh out loud. Maybe Bruno sucked all the comical energy out of a gay stereotype for films to be able to work on that whole thesis now.

I guess this film is original in terms of the storyline, but that's it. The cinematography is typical, and the pace is average. If you want a little light hearted entertainment then watch it by all means... The acting is pretty damn good! Just don't expect anything groundbreaking.

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