Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hey, I'm back.

July 1st, 2011 - That is when my last blog was. How disgraceful is that?!

I'm sorry if you have been waiting for a post at all. I've had a few comments asking whether I had stopped blogging, or why I haven't updated it in so long, or why I haven't been at any events. This poor thing's been so neglected. But now I am back, but with a change.

Previously this blog was mainly focused on formal reviews or press event coverage. But recently I've had to slowly come to terms with the fact that trying to attend press events, work a part-time job and study at a 3rd year level is very, very stressful. So, I will of course keep blogging, but at a more relaxed pace with a few features on various random topics. I will try to attend as many events or screenings as I can, so they won't be forgotten either. But there won't be a post twice a week or something like that. I will use this blog as a way of expressing how I feel over different film issues, review films I see at the cinema or a screening when I get a chance to go and do the same with events.

I really need to focus on finishing my degree and actually figuring out how I'm going to have a career after university.

So, yes, The Film Obsession is still alive. I will post a new video on here in the top left corner which I discover to do with film, and will generally post as and when I can.

Thanks for sticking with it and keeping an interest!

Kelly x x

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