Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Roommate [Review]

Two girls, one room and an obsession - This story has the potential to be very, very good. We could see a claustrophobic style of filming like in Buried and a horribly passionate psycho like Cape Fear's Max. But instead we're given a watered down thriller with slight elements of horror without the actual gore factor, making the whole impact of his film quite minimal. 

The lead actresses are, of course, gorgeous. Leighton Meester plays the 'overprotective' Rebecca to Sara Matthews, played by Minka Kelly (a Kim Kardashian look-a-like). I think the polite way of putting what I want to say is 'their acting is subtle'. But what I'm actually thinking is 'I didn't notice anything another than two girls remembering their lines from a script." This is also mimicked in Sara's love interest Stephen (Cam Gigandet). He is there for the eye-candy to the girls supposedly wanting to watch this film. However, the main audience for this, I imagine, will be teenage boys wanting to see a little lesbian action, with connotations towards this idea running as understated as a clown in a funeral. 

I do have admit, I did have fun watching this. I'm not going to deny the fact I love cheesy horror films, and this gave me my fix of the week. If you go in expecting the worst film you could possibly imagine, you'll be delightfully entertained. You know, its one of those which is so bad it becomes funny, and therefore likeable. Its not boring at all. The film is relatively short, and there is enough action to keep you interested through that hour and a half of your life, if you're willing to sacrifice that time for this film. 

The elements of the story are quite controversial. Sara's sister has died, Rebecca has a serious mental health issue, and therefore adopts the position of the sister in an absurdly evil way, such as stealing the dead sister's jewellery. You can begin to understand how this film could be great, but with references such as a poor excuse for Facebook, rather than the actual website, an attractive cast, with that being the only element going for them, and the ridiculously dramatic acting means you're just there left thinking 'Really?' 

The sexual references with a quite perverted teacher, girl on girl action in a club and a phone sex conversation seem to be more fitting for a porn film than this. Maybe if they added more graphic images and changed the publication and output of this film it would have been more successful and would have given the audience what they actually wanted...

Go De Niro!

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