Friday, 8 May 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine ****

A prequel to the previous X-Men films, this movie contains an insight into the character Logan, also known as Wolverine, how he came about the life he leads, and what characters have influenced him to become the super-human he is now.

This is a brilliant X-Men film, and most certainly brings back the qualities that the first film held. It's packed with action from start to finish, it has a witty edge that gives each character a different flare of life, and has so many special effects in you wonder if any of the film actually took place on set.

Looking more pumped and on great form, Hugh Jackman presents an almost animal like quality to his performance. He plays the multiple emotions in the script flawlessly and believably, which is usually very hard to come by in an action film. Most of the other characters involved are held back but it is built into the film to make Wolverine stand out, so this is doesn't disappoint at all.

A lot darker compared to the previous takes on the comic book series, this film was going to have to be made into an 18, but thankfully it has been reduced to a 12A... just, meaning it can gain a much wider and more appropriate audience. But don't think this is a soppy action movie without any gore or proper fights. It's oozing with moments of shocking and quite frankly disturbing scenes that would frighten any sane person. The only thing making this a lighter certificate rating is the fact that you don't see any of the blades/teeth/guns/and yes playing cards killing anybody, you work off the reaction of the character's faces. Don't get me wrong, it still provides a pretty horrifying film.

Of course, this sci-fi film contains the evil, crazy scientist. But as all of the mutants (thanks Simon) have a pretty cruel side to them from all the confusion they have had to grow up with, the scientist doesn't stand out all that well, which could be a downfall. I didn't really gain a feel for a particular bad character, as they all pretty much are out on their own. And added to this, with no defined good character means you can't really relate to one certain character, and gain a bond with them. So, although this film is all about Wolverine who you do love, but you know you're not meant to, it's pretty much an open field film where you can like or dislike whoever you want which is pretty unique.

So overall, if you're a fan of the previous X-Men films definitely see it. You'll find yourself back in love with the series once more. If you haven't seen them it doesn't matter. As it is set before the others you can get the story from the start. And if you didn't like the previous X-Men films, well then I wouldn't see it.

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